Arterial Interventions

Life of flesh is in the blood that it gets…

wp79Blood delivers oxygen to body parts. Blood is pumped by heart to various organs and the conduit for that transport is called artery. Arteries may be compared to roads that bring oxygen ad nutrients from our heart to farthest points of our body like feet and everything in between.

When we talk of improving blood flow, the primary interest is to make sure that blood can get to the organ via artery. Over time, plaque buildup on the inside of artery can cause the lumen to narrow and blood flow can decrease significantly. In mild situations this can just cause a little discomfort/pain. However, if it worsens it can become rather serious and could cause wounds to occur or impair wound healing. In most serious cases, it could lead to amputations.

wp2Our goal is to prevent amputations by providing vein treatment at our Columbus clinic. Improving blood flow starts with living healthy. If the blood flow is impaired, exercise is the first line of treatment along with lifestyle modification. Medications and/or interventional procedures may be needed if the flow is substantially low.

We specialize in opening up blocked arteries without open surgery. This is typically done in our Columbus office setting with minimal discomfort and individualized care with procedures such as sclerotherapy. The plaque can be removed, vaporized or mulched into microscopic levels that are not harmful to body. Miniature scaffolds can be placed inside the artery to keep them open. Please consult with our experts for more information on sclerotherapy or other vein treatments in Columbus.

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