The short answer is: Absolutely Yes!  

Pregnant patients with painful varicose veins can see us for a consultation.  We are able to establish whether their discomfort is directly related to the varicose veins.  Often, there is generalized swelling and fatigue associated with the physiology of pregnancy and may not be directly linked to the varicose veins that are visible.  The ultrasound that is performed during our consultation is safe for the mother and baby.

Based on the results of the ultrasound, we will help choose the most appropriate treatment.  While pregnant, many patients will be treated with custom fitted compression stockings designed for pregnancy.  We often wait until after delivery to reassess the venous anatomy and determine whether a procedure is needed to treat varicose veins that persist.  This follow-up can be set up before delivery so you are assured speedy evaluation and treatment.  Please come visit us if you suffer from varicose veins before or after your pregnancy.